Monday, October 31, 2022

Day 27, 2022: Emmett's (SoHo, NYC)




DAY 27: OCTOBER 27th, 2022 

LOCATION: Emmett's (50 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012)

GUEST(S): Scott Wiener, Krista Cousins, Dan Kaminsky, Laura Walter, David Frasure, Paul McKenney, Amy Rothberger

ORDER: 2 slices of thin crust Hot Papi, 1 slice of thin crust Giardiniera and sausage, 1/2 slice of deep dish sausage, peppers, onions


Through thick and thin. It can’t be easy being the only independent Chicago style pizzeria in the heart of New York City, but Emmett’s pulls it off with flying colors. Churning out exquisite renditions of both Chicago thin as well as deep dish pizzas, Emmett’s makes any Chicagoan proud. With the additional street seating, this cozy West Village bar and restaurant can start to attempt to satisfy the masses that crave their Windy City recipes. I recommend getting a reservation and going with a group so you can order a deep dish pizza as an entree and a thin crust pizza as an appetizer. Pair it with the beverage of your choice from the full bar, relax, and see why everyone loves Emmett’s.


Deep dish with sausage peppers and onions

thin crust Hot Papi

Thin crust Giardiniera, half sausage


Day 27


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Dan Kaminsky, Paul McKenney, Amy Rothberger, David Frasure, Krista Cousins, Laura Walter, Sean Taylor, Scott Wiener

1. Scott Wiener founded and runs  Scott's Pizza ToursDan Kaminsky, Paul McKenney, Amy Rothberger, David Frasure, Krista Cousins, and Laura Walter are all current pizza guides for the business. Scott likes to do group outings with his staff and I was lucky enough to join them. 

Scott with ice cream sandwiches

2. After dinner, we hit Trader Joe's and left with a large portion of their ice cream sandwich stock...which we proceeded to devour. 

3. Laura Walter is able to eat more ice cream sandwiches than I am.

Paul McKenney
4. Paul McKenney has pizza lined glass frames.  I love 'em!

5. David Frasure and I are both baseball fans. His team is the Cleveland Guardians and mine is the Mets. Both teams had great seasons in 2022 so, even though neither will win the World Series this year, we're both impressed with our respective teams.

6. Ask Amy Rothberger how to warm cold butter and make your own chipwiches. She's a walking episode of cooking hacks!

7. In addition to being a food enthusiast and pizza tour guide, Krista Cousins is a performer and has an improv background.

8. Dan Kaminsky knows when new laws are passed the day they are passed!



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