Thursday, September 30, 2021

Pizza Month 2021


Pizza Month 2021

October is National Pizza Month. In order to observe this month "the right way," I intend to eat at least one slice of pizza every day of it. I hope to learn from past experience (Pizza Month '02'03'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'11, '12'13, '14, '15, '16'17'18'19, '20) and make Pizza Month 2021 not just the latest, but the greatest 31 Days of Pizza known to [this] man...

Last year, I spent Pizza Month with my wife and her parents in Las Vegas sheltering, quarantining, and masking up between slices.  This year I'm back home in New York City and I can't wait to return to some of my old favorite pizzerias, and hit up some new ones! I'm particularly interested in pizzerias where dining out(side) is an option whether it be curbside seating, streetery, or backyard space - (weather permitting of course)  and I also plan to take some trips outside of the city to Upstate New York, New Jersey, and Long Island to sample slices and pies from some other oft-recommended pizza institutions. Transportation pending, I hope to make a pilgrimage to Old Forge, Pennsylvania to find out for myself why they are the self-proclaimed "Pizza Capital of the World").
And finally, many people have contacted me telling me how much they have improved their homemade pizza over the lockdown and I can't wait to take them up on their offers to feed me. Got a place I haven't been? Let me know and then let's go!

My rules are clear, and I am determined to adhere to all three of them. They are…
(1) Eat at least one slice of pizza a day
(2) With at least one other person
(3) At a different pizza place each day

As with past years, I encourage everyone reading this to eat pizza every day of October as well. If you can't stomach 31 days, then settle for 30 (or 29, or 28…)  No matter how you plan to observe National Pizza Month 2021, always feel free to follow me in my pursuit of the 31 days on this journal. For a preview of what is to come, you may want to view the archived Pizza Months Past (2002 - 2020) journals as a reference.

Feel free to follow my progress here (also @31daysofpizza on instagram)!

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