Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 3, 2017: Carmine and Sons Pizzeria and Sports Bar (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)


DAY 3: OCTOBER 3rd, 2017

LOCATION: Carmine and Sons Pizzeria and Sports Bar aka Carmine's Pizzeria (358 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211)

GUEST(S): Eden Gauteron, Lance Kushner

ORDER: 1 slice of plain, 1 slice of Grandma Sicilian Pizza Pie

When a family passion becomes a family profession. Soon after Carmine Gangone's father arrived in Brooklyn from Italy, he opened up a Ray's pizzeria - (even though that wasn't his father's name) and "Ray's" it remained from 1979 until the pizzeria was passed from his father to him and renamed "Carmine's" - which is his name. Carmine has been mastering his pizza making skills for as long as he can remember and recently added a wood-fired oven with the annexation of the space next door. And yes, a new name did come with the new acquisition: Carmine and Sons Pizzeria and Sports Bar. Now patrons can carry their slices and beer between the two conjoined establishments depending on whether they prefer the atmosphere of a New York Yankee memorabilia adorned family pizzeria or a New York Yankee memorabilia adorned sports bar. The expansive menu and Yankee memorabilia adorned back room also provide a nice sit-down table service Italian dinner option as well. My favorite slice is the Grandma Sicilian Pizza Pie which is cooked in the wood-fired oven by Carmine himself and topped with a savory marinara sauce, chopped basil, and a blend of creamy mozzarella and grated cheese. The thin oven-kissed crust provides a sturdy foundation for the high quality ingredients. A glass counter reveals a whole slew of other topping configurations cooked in the gas powered deck oven but when slice joint offers you a wood-fired option, take it!

Glass counter with slice options

Slice of Cheese

Grandma slice

Chicken Parm slice

Day 3

Lance and Eden

1. Eden Gauteron is not only a musician but he is literally thinking of getting the band back together.

2. Lance Kushner and I are Mets fans.  We found out a little too late that Carmine's is not only Yankee territory but an extension of Yankee stadium. Several shrines to retired Hall of Famers, many signed photos adorn the walls and you can guess what was on every TV. Fortunately, neither of us are anti-Yankee since we both love baseball so much.

Sean, Karen, Carmine
3. I had the privilege of meeting Carmine himself!  Also, his wife, Karen.  We talked pizza and baseball: two of our favorite things.


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14.5/18 = .806 x 5 = 4.03

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