Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 1, 2017: Williamsburg Pizza (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)



DAY 1: OCTOBER 1st, 2017

LOCATION: Williamsburg Pizza (265 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211)

GUEST(S): Kahala Bonsignore, Lance Kushner, Sebastian Rizzi, Gianfranco Perez, Rocco

ORDER: 2 slices of Grandma (Pecorino, Basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Olive Oil, Garlic, Homemade Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce)

Great, great grandma! Despite its tough-to-Google generic name, Williamsburg Pizza serves up some of the best pizza in a tough-to-compete area of the even-tougher-to-compete borough of Brooklyn. All emphasis is placed on ingredients and technique so forgive the quaint, no frills dining area and lack of a public restroom. These resources were better utilized in training talented pizza makers to make top tier New York style pizza with high quality toppings. The pecorino-parmigiano and creamy homemade fresh mozzarella cheese blend with the zesty garlic, imported olive oil, crushed tomato sauce and freshly chopped basil. All of these are available in the signature twice-baked gas oven powered Grandma pie. This Sicilian style square is paradoxically light yet sturdy, firm yet chewy, and thin yet filling. Williamsburg Pizza has created a marvel of nature. It's no wonder they use the same base as a foundation for several more creative and tasty creations. These pies also travel well so if there aren't any seats, take it to go and if you happen to be within the delivery zone, well...lucky you!

Grandma pie

Grandma in profile


Corner piece

Day 1, cheese pull

Rocco, John, Lance, Sebastian, Kahala
1. Rocco is taking Taekwondo so watch out! We all agreed that baseball would be forever changed if pitchers were trained in martial arts.

2. Gianfranco Perez recently returned from deployment where he spent 7 months on a ship!  He said this was the best pizza he had in 7 months so maybe aircraft carrier kitchens need to up their game. His prior assignments also make him a member of the Order of the Blue Nose.

3. Sebastian Rizzi is an artist. Sebastian's father owns a pizzeria outside of Memphis, TN called Rizzi’s Pizza Cafe.

4. Lance Kushner, Kahala Bonsignore and I all play in the Williamsburg Softball League in the summer and fall.  Today was Opening Day and it was a beautiful one (despite the fact we all lost).



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