Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 14, 2015: Rocky Slims (Kips Bay, NYC)

DAY 14: OCTOBER 14th, 2015

LOCATION: Rocky Slims (338 3rd Ave, Kips Bay, NYC)

GUEST(S): Luis Fernandez

ORDER: 1 slice of regular, half a slice of grandma with sausage, half a slice of white

Two pizzerias in one.  Nestled in a hip closed-to-traffic Kips Bay street in the shadow of Baruch College, Rocky Slims knows its audience and caters to them.  During the day, a slice joint on the campus side feeds affordable New York style pizza to hungry college students. In the evening, the spacious dining area opens up to serve authentic Neapolitan style pizza in a domed wood-fired brick oven. Don't take a first date to the slice side - unless its nice weather.  While the slice joint offers multiple options of well-constructed pizza options, the only seats are in the outdoor cafe portion of the Neapolitan pie side. Opt for the regular cheese for a better-than-average quintessential New York street slice or mix it up with something creative. Borrowing from the recipes from the gourmet side, head chef Angelo Romano concocted several signature pies that go beyond the typical sliceria.  The grandma, for instance, resembles a focaccia with a crisp outer edge and high quality fresh ingredients and a great aftertaste. You won't go wrong with any of the choices so I recommend going with a slice from the most recently cooked pie.  It would make a great quick lunch and then go back to the Neapolitan pie side for dinner!


The options
slice of regular
White slice
Grandma with sausage
Day 14


Luis Fernandez

1. Luis Fernandez was on my first improv comedy troupe.  We were named Firestorm and, actually, Luis came up with the name.

2. A article I contributed to about influential pizzerias was published today. I wrote my portion on Lombardi's. Here is a link:

Me and Angelo Romano
3. I met Angelo Romano - Executive Chef at Rocky Slims!


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