Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 2, 2013 - Mulberry St. Pizzeria (Beverly Hills,CA)

DAY 2: OCTOBER 2nd, 2013

LOCATION: Mulberry St. Pizzeria (240 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, LA)

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Matt Kuhn, Eric Buchman, Melissa Buchman, Zoe Buchman, Alecia Kuhn, Robin Rothman

Get your NY Post here!  For real, this Los Angeles pizzeria has today's NY Post.  It's all part of the motif which very accurately mimics a slice place you might find on Mulberry Street in New York City.  Complete with red checkered table cloths, large thin crust pies with thick outer edges, somewhat cramped dining area, and large deck ovens that monopolize most of the behind-the-counter space.  Whether you get it by the pie or by the slice, you'll receive a substantial size gas-powered oven cooked slice with evenly distributed toppings, a savory low moisture mozzarella cheese, and just the right amount of tomato sauce.  You can even fold it in half and let the grease drop on your paper plate - just like NY!  Oh, but the people are much nicer.


1. Zoe Buchman, at one month old, is the youngest pizza guest I've ever had in any of my past 12 annual quests for the 31 days of Pizza.
2. Eric Buchman and I both went to high school in Tampa's Hillsborough County and college at Dartmouth.  He now works as a writer in Hollywood.
3. Matt Kuhn is a writer on How I Met Your Mother and has made three cameo appearances on the show as a drummer.
4. Alecia is from Alabama but has no discernible accent.
5. Melissa Buchman went to Beverly Hills High School and remarked that the school's zip code is not actually 90210.
6. Robin Rothman packed 90% of my clothes for this trip out West so my outfits might actually match!
7.There is a parking garage with a $5 flat fee less than a block away

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13.5/18 = .75 x 5 = 3.75

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