Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1, 2012: Nizza (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)

DAY 1: OCTOBER 1st, 2012

LOCATION: Nizza (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)

ORDER: 3/4 of an individual Napoletana pie

GUEST: Robin Rothman and Andrew Butterworth

Despite being a perfect rhyme, I don't recommend going to Nizza for pizza.  First and foremost, Nizza is a restaurant for fine Italian dining.  While it is featured prominently on the menu, the Italian style pies serve more as an appetizer than a main course.  Due to the mountainously puffy outer rim, most of the toppings gravitate towards the center producing a very wet, unevenly cooked pie.  Since the pie is made with top of the line fresh mozzarella cheese, diced basil, crushed tomatoes, and olive oil, the result is still delicious.  Order one pie for the group before your main course.  There were a lot of good looking non-pizza entrees on the neighboring tables.

3.66 out of 5

  • VALUE:


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15.5/21 = .738 x 5 = 3.69

1. 2012 will be the first Pizza Month I have observed as a married man. This past April 15th, I married Robin Rothman and while she didn't put anything in her vows about promising to be my pizza date, I think it was implied.

2. Andrew Butterworth was a groomsman at my wedding and also the guy that first informed me that October was National Pizza Month. He also has a 1 year old son named Carter that can't talk but whistles when he wants to see a bird - which is pretty often.
3. Our waitress was kind enough to take a photo of me and my pizza guests:

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