Monday, October 12, 2009

DAY 5, Pizza Month 2009; Two Boots (Hell's Kitchen)

DAY 5: OCTOBER 5th, 2009

LOCATION: Two Boots (9th Ave and 44th St)

ORDER: 2 slices of a small Bayou Beast

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman


The Saints just marched in to Hell's Kitchen. Two Boots brought their Lousiana-infused pizza pies into the heart of the city. Now theater-goers, tourists, and bridge-and-tunnel bar crawlers can put a solid slice in their mouth and get a Cajun kick in the pants at the same time. Get Two Boots original specialty pie. I did. The Bayou Beast is my favorite. Although they sell them by the slice, I recommend buying a fresh pie to ensure nothing will zap any zing from the zesty creations. Oh, and there will be zing. The Bayou Beast, for instance, is loaded with seasoned shrimp, andouille (spicy sausage), and mashed up jalepenos. The mozzarella may cut some of the kick, but there is plenty more atop that cornmeal crust.

Escape to Two Boots in your mind as well. For anyone who has ever been to New Orleans, the ambiance will bring you back. The artwork on the windows is loaded with vibrant colors and stylized archetecture. Beads, chandoliers, and photos of the Big Easy adorn the north wall and the menu is straight out of Bourbon Street. Bring your own Jazz or Zydeco and the transplantation will be complete. The movie posters on the south wall and '69 Mets portrait indicate that owner Phil Hartman models his stores based on what he loves. Well, he loves New Orleans and good pizza and that's good enough for me.


1. I also love the Mets. Since I was in little league on the '86 Mets, I'm more of a 1986 Mets fan but have come to learn a lot about the Miracles and respect the '69 team as well.

2. See why I like Robin...(pic to right)

3. The pizza in the video does what it has to do in order to earn its beads.


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16/18 = .889 x 5 = 4.45

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