Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 23, 2007: Amorina (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

LOCATION: Amorina (Vanderbilt and Prospect Place in Prospect Heights, BROOKLYN)

GUEST(S): Keith Huang, Rebecca Willams, Carl Bialik
ORDER: 2 slices of Margherita, 1 slice of Diavala, 1 slice of "Will to Live"
PIZZA REPORT: Seasonal Affective Delicious! Amorina has a handle on traditional Neopolitan pizza and proves it is not afraid to create its own. Of course you have heard of pumpkin pie but what about pumpkin on a pizza pie? I had it as part of my specialty pizza tagged the "Will to Live". The thin crust gives you a guiltfree excuse to try out all of the quality toppings including the pumpkin (seasonal), the spicy salemi (which was on the Diavola), and fresh mozzarella (which comes standard on all pies).
ATMOSPHERE: Fun for everyone. If you can find your way to Prospect Heights, you will see and meet the people of Amorina. Although I was not yet part of it, there is a family atmosphere amongst the waitstaff, chefs, and patrons which endear Amorina to your heart. The employees like working there and if you're in the area with $18-22 to kill, go give yourself a "will to live"!
VERDICT: 3.5 out of 5 
MISC:1. Carl Bialik and his girlfriend, Rebecca Williams know a good portion of the folks that work at Amorina and gave the opportunity to interview them. During the interview, I found out what the employees "pizza names" were.
2. The absolutely gorgeous photos of the pizza in the video clips were courtesy of Keith Huang. He also took others available on his blog located here...

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