Saturday, October 8, 2005

Day 8, 2005: Grimaldi's Pizzeria (Hoboken, NJ)

DAY 8: October 8th
LOCATION: Grimaldi's Pizzeria (Hoboken, NEW JERSEY)
GUEST(S): Tony Carnevale, Bob Acevedo
ORDER: 2 slices of sausage and pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Grimaldi's is superb and superior. My favorite part of each slice is the sauce. It is so ubiquitous and also so good that you swear you could just drink it (and I don't like V8). But there's more. Separately cooked delicious Italian Sausage, spicy pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella cheese all on top of coal-fired brick oven crust put this pizza in a class by itself. Although my pizza had two toppings, I strongly recommend everyone going and ordering a pizza with just cheese. You will see just how wonderful pizza can be. Grimaldi's pizza reigns supreme.
  • I was eating pizza on my way to my first ever campout-slumber party. Of course, mother nature had other plans. It was nonstop rain for hours - the entire night. So no camping out and I also didn't sleep well, so my campout-slumber party ended up a noncampout-no slumber party. I did wind up in a hot tub for an hour (4x the recommended time) and also may have also caught a cold.
  • Bob Acevedo's love of Dr. Who comes in handy.
  • Tony Carnevale (also a fan of Dr. Who) founded Channel 102, which currently contains nearly 100 short episodes of tv shows. All are online and all are free!

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