Thursday, October 6, 2005

Day 6, 2005: Pizza Town II (Chelsea, NYC)

DAY 6: October 6th
LOCATION: Pizza Town II (30th St and 7th avenue, NYC)
GUEST(S): Jarret Berenstein, John Frusciante, Kelly Buttermore, Jason Grossman, Christian Capozolli, Emmy Smith, Matt Shafeek
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Pizza Town II: not as good as the original. I don't know where the original Pizza Town is located but I can confidently say that the sequel is not as good. The crust was uneven and there was not enough sauce to overcome the mediocre cheese. The fact the dough was uneven (thicker in places in throughout the slice) is probably due to someone pushing the dough in random places to make it fit the pan better. This causes portions of the slice to not be able to fully support the toppings while other portions actually taste 'doughy'. Of course this means that it was not evenly cooked as well. I am being picky though as it was still a pretty decent slice of NY pizza. My favorite part was the convenience, speed, and portability of the slice. The lack of sauce actually keeps it neater when taking it on the go. Of course, I didn't take it 'on the go' so I was unable to enjoy that feature, but it was there. Also, the fact I wanted more sauce means I liked the taste of the sauce. Maybe the original Pizza Town spent too much on sauce and who knows? maybe Pizza Town III will be subtitled, "the return of the sauce".
  • Kelly Buttermore and Matt Shafeek both went to college in Massachusetts and while recalling stories of "L.U.G."s (Lesbians Until Graduation), they pointed out something fascinating about Scooby Doo. Apparently, all the characters in Scooby Doo were based on sterotypes of Massachusetts area colleges. Shaggy was the stoner from Hampshire College, Velma was based on a non-faminine girl (L.U.G.?) from Smith, Daphne was a cute Holyoke gal, and Fred was the snob from Amherst. Oh yeah, Scooby was the typical awkward animal-like creature that accidently solved mysteries from UMASS.
    *EDIT (12 Oct 2005) -
    Originally Posted by rec.arts.animation
    Q: Who knows if Scooby Doo is based on the Five Colleges?

    A: I know and it's not. It was based on THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS
    in the same way that THE FLINTSTONES was inspired by THE HONEYMOONERS.

    Fred was based on Dobie, Shaggy on Maynard, Velma on Zelda and Daphne on
    Thalia. Once you know this, when you look at the first season's shows,
    it becomes obvious.

    Mark Evanier
    Former SCOOBY-DOO Writer
  • Speaking of college, out of eight people five of us had still had our college IDs on our person.

    From LtoR &TtoB: Jarret Berenstein, Kelly Buttermore, Sean Taylor, Matt Shafeek, and Jason Grossman.
  • Emmy Smith wasn't initially named after the Television award. Instead, her initials are M.E. and over time that evolved into the name "Emmy". I wonder if the Television award name went through the same evolution.
  • Jason Grossman and Christian Capozolli met at college where Christian was going to start a worldwide creative factory. Jason likes golf and is even working on a musical production called "Golf".
  • Jarret Berenstein's dad owned an airline.
  • Kelly and John Frusciante did a scene in our Magnet Theatre Level 4 performance about Quiznos. The scene was so good, Kelly and I ended up going to Quiznos after Pizza Town II for dinner II. 

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