Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day 29, 2005: Totonno's Pizzeria (Kips Bay, NYC)

DAY 29: October 29th
LOCATION: Totonno's Pizzeria (2nd Ave and 26th St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Kitzi Taylor
ORDER: 2 slices cheese, 1.5 slices of pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Go here for good pizza. Totonno's has its flagship store in Coney Island but there are several around the city that provide a unique alternative to the other coal-fired brick oven pizza places I've visited. My favorite part of this pizza is the crust. It's hot, sturdy, tasty, and aesthetically appealing. It also provides the perfect canvas for the fresh mozzarella cheese, crispy pepperoni, and rich tomato sauce. By the third slice, the richness of the sauce began to slow me down. It's a homemade recipe that may be mixed with some tomato paste to thicken the consistency. The strong tomato-y aftertaste sort of made it more difficult to finish my fourth slice. But, then again, it was my fourth slice! The great beforetaste and outstanding duringtaste more than make up for a tomato-y aftertaste. Totonno's is good.
  • I have been told that the Coney Island Totonno's is the greatest pizza place in the New York City area. Although the logistics of visiting it did not work out this month, I hope to go there in the near future and taste the pizza that made Totonno's famous.
  • Kitzi is amazed at how the price of fruit can be cheaper in New York than in Florida.

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