Friday, September 30, 2005

Day 0, 2005: Washington St. Pizza (Quincy, MA)

DAY 0: September 30th / October 1st
LOCATION: Washington St Pizza (Quincy, MASS) at Jessie Slocum's condo in Quincy, MASS
GUEST(S): Whoever was around (Patrick DeLeon, Nat Rink, Andy Butterworth, Jessie Slocum had just gone to sleep).
ORDER: 1 slice of chicken parmigiana
PIZZA REPORT: It was kind of cold but it did the trick.
MISC.: Today was sort of a test run. See, I went up to Boston for Nat Rink's birthday not intending on eating pizza on the 30th of September. But, after several games of pong (on a beautiful and recently painted table)
I was pretty hungry. Also, it was way past midnight meanint it was technically October 1st. I even convinced myself it was time to kickoff pizza month. It then occurred to me that the leftover Washington Street pizza had been purchased and delivered BEFORE midnight. Just to be sure I wasn't breaking my self-imposed rules (I can be quite a stickler for these things), I decided not to count this midnight snack and instead begin pizza month '05 after getting some sleep. But, of course, since I have the photo, I figured I would put it up.

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