Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Day 5, 2004: Ottimo (Flatiron, NYC)

DAY 5: October 5th
LOCATION: Ottimo (6 West 24th St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Kelly
ORDER: 3 slices of an individual margharita pizza (out of 4)

PIZZA REPORT: Awe-thentic. This wood burning brick oven pizza was probably the most Italian pizza I have ever had. I say this primarily because it was cooked by well-known Italian chef Salvatore Esposito. I have accepted the fact that despite my lack of experience with it, I like authentic Italian pizza. I'm not sure if it was the extra bit of tomato sauce, or the additional bit of garlic, or perhaps the tinge of olive oil but something really brought out the flavor in each bite. Since I am a bit unaccustomed to the "real thing" I feel hesitant to judge it too much. I will say the slices of mozzarella cheese well-known Italian chef Salvatore Esposito used (instead of shredded) was a nice touch.
  • Well-known Italian chef Salvatore Esposito, smiled in my general direction as he walked by me.
  • I met Kelly as a result of the NY Post's dating column. We were featured in last Sunday's issue (she was one of three candidates from which I was to choose).
    It only listed her first name so I figured I, too, would only list her first name (even though I know both names).
  • Kelly is intelligent (law student with a master's degree), athletic (enjoys all sports and currently plays in a soccer league), organized (proud owner of pocket pc/phone combo), cosmopolitan (going to Napa, California to taste wine this weekend) and as of now - Kelly is forever a part of Pizza Month '04 (for more information on the evening, pick up this Sunday's NY Post).

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