Friday, October 15, 2004

Day 16, 2004: La Pizza Fresca (Flatiron, NYC)

DAY 16: October 16th
LOCATION: La Pizza Fresca (31 East 20th Street, NYC)
GUEST(S): Terry Jinn, Maddy Mako, Jen MacNeil, Tiffany Morningstar,
Louie Pearlman, Matt Pack, Millie Cho, Kitzi Taylor, Tony Carnevale
ORDER: Half of an individual Salemi Piccante, half of an individual "La Pizza Fresca"

PIZZA REPORT: Pizza with style...and moisture. Both of my pizzas were delicious and both of my pizzas were wet. "Wet" is not a typical adjective used to describe things I like but my limited vocabulary has made it necessary. I am not sure this is due to wet ingredients, condensation, or someone spilling water on the pizzas but I am confident it was not grease. This much grease would not have been good. This pizza was awesome! The moisture made the crust more flexible and kept the toppings "fresca" (Italian for "fresh"). I also really enjoyed the spicy meat toppings on the Salemi Piccante pizza. It went really well with the cheese and the wood charred oven crust.
  • This was the second anniversary of the crossover of two online journals: the original 31 days of pizza journal and Terry Jinn's Beverage of the Day journal. It was a total success as pizza was eaten and beverages were drunk. Here Terry is with his beverage of the day, a Cherry Coke.
  • My mom, Kitzi Taylor, is a big Maddy Mako fan...and she didn't even sit by her during dinner. I'll bet Maddy reminds my mom of herself when she was younger.
  • Jen MacNeil had to leave early but not before she got literally picked up by Matt Pack. I snapped a photo of this event. 
  • Tiffany Morningstar had to leave early to get to a show and may have left her umbrella at La Pizza Fresca. It was hanging on her chair when I got up to leave so now I will use it indefinitely. It’s a good umbrella but doesn’t deal with wind well.
  • I wore my Mets shirt that says "Let's Go Mets" in Hebrew. In a table of 10 people, two knew enough Hebrew to translate the shirt. According to Louie Pearlman and Millie Cho, the shirt actually reads "Letsum Gho Metsum!"
  • Tony Carnevale bought new headphones and really likes them.

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