Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Slicey Award Delivered to Sofia Pizza Shoppe

I'll never forget the first time I visited Sofia Pizza Shoppe during my 2016 quest for the 31 days of pizza.  The pizzeria was brand new but the man behind the counter was anything but. Tommy Degrezia comes from a long line of expert pizza chefs and he might be the best yet.  The pizza was so good, that it earned the 2016 Slicey award for "Best Slice." I returned to Sofia Pizza Shoppe the other day greeted by Tommy's smiling face and a slew of amazing slices.  Tommy told me the pizzeria has since been written up in the New York Times and a dozen others, "but you were first." Wow.  That made my whole week!

The Slicey
Apparently the press (and I) love Sofia Pizza Shoppe for proving a new classic New York street slice joint can still thrive in the age of the dollar slice.  Tommy has also gotten recognition for inventing the DoughDici which costs $38 and worth every penny. I hope to try on my next visit.
Tommy, the Slicey, and Sean

Amazing seasonal grandma slice #Yum

An amazing pizziaolo and his well deserved award