Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 17, 2015: Lenny and John's (Flatlands, Brooklyn)

DAY 17: OCTOBER 17th, 2015

LOCATION: Lenny and John's (2036 Flatbush Ave., Flatlands, Brooklyn)

GUEST(S): Annemarie Cullen

ORDER: 1.5 slices of regular cheese, .5 a slice of grandma

Made in Brooklyn. For nearly 50 years, Lenny and John's has unintentionally been defining pizza in the Brooklyn Flatlands. When they give you a large triangular thin-yet-firm, puffy outer edged melted mozzarella and tomato slice oozing a mysterious orange oil on a no frills paper plate, it is not because they are striving to serve the quintessential New York slice, it's because that's what they have been doing since 1969. But the stereotypes go beyond the food. Looking for some random fruit drink bubbling behind the counter? Check. Ancient cash register? They got one. Beat cops kicking up friendly conversation with the pizzamakers? Yup. A whole lot of loyal and happy customers? Exactly. The fact I can't guarantee you will get the same tasting slice every time just adds to the charm.  I will say that my first slice was one of the best tasting New York slices I have ever had.  If Lenny and John's was your neighborhood pizzeria when you were a kid, you have good reason to scoff at all the rest because Brooklyn pizza is the best!


slice of regular
2nd slice of regular
The options
Behind the counter

My drop-in class

1. I am privileged to teach a class in one of my favorite subjects: improv comedy.  The class is called the "Saturday Drop-In" and invites anyone with any improv experience a chance to get some reps in a always changing workshop taught by a veteran improviser.  I typically teach it but I'm going out of town to eat pizza across the Midwest next week so you'll have to check the class schedule to see when I'm up next.  Hope to see you there!

Annemarie Cullen
2. I first met Annemarie Cullen when she was a student at my improv drop-in class.  She epitomizes the open-minded improv philosophy of Yes-And.  Today, she even wore a hoodie with the word "Yes" on it.
Annemarie's childhood home
3. After grabbing a slice of Annemarie's childhood slice joint, she drove me around the corner and pointed out her childhood home.  Side note: we both love the song "The Old Apartment" by the Bare Naked Ladies


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16/18 = .889 x 5 = 4.44

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