Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I am currently visiting London, England with my in-laws.  What this town lacks in sun exposure it makes up for in double-decker buses, quaint streets, beautiful buildings, cool bridges, neat telephone booths, funny traditions and great curry.  Despite being in a foreign town, I am thankful to be surrounded by family tonight and sincerely hope you are as well. Have a safe holiday and remember, if you can't have turkey, eat pizza!

Speaking of which, here are the final 10 reviews for Pizza Month 2014.

Stay tuned to for the 2014 Slicey Award winners which will be announced on Monday, December 1st, 2014.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thank you for the Birthday wishes...

Shiny, Happy People eating pizza
Saturday (November 15th) was my birthday.  I'm not a huge fan of aging but the overwhelming number of birthday wishes I received from friends, family, and blog readers made the experience a whole lot of fun.  Thank you.

I'd also like to thank the folks at Walter's Bar for agreeing to let me be surrounded by all of my favorite things: NY Pizza Suprema, good beverages, awesome friends, and my wife playing a set of some of my favorite songs!

Here are some photos...
Robin singing

Ruby and Danielle

Pizza time
Angela & Robin
Justin & Sean
Lucky guy and his wife

Robin and duet partner/college chum Danielle

Clash of the canes
Del Frisco's for steak dinner

MaryLoo waiting up for us

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Lost Week...

These past seven days have been spent primarily in the confines of my third floor walk-up apartment recovering from torn meniscus surgery.  In addition to missing several of my improv comedy performances and hosting my monthly comedy variety show, I also missed a Junior Varsity road trip to the Philadelphia Improv Festival.  The good news is that the doctor told me I don't have to use the cane anymore and I got these reviews written from the second week of Pizza Month 2014.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Road to Recovery Paved in Pizza Reviews!

Post-Op with my cat, MaryLoo
I underwent knee surgery this past Monday for a torn meniscus and haven't left my apartment since. I'm told the operation went well but the tear was larger than the doctor expected likely extending my projected recovery time.  The prognosis is good though so I'm using this downtime to catch up on reviews from Pizza Month 2014.  Here are links to Days 1-7...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thanks for the Memories, Pizza Month 2014...

My quest for the 31 Days of Pizza [2014] is over.  I am pleased to report that for the 13th consecutive October, I have successfully eaten pizza every day of National Pizza Month, at a different pizzeria, with at least one guest.  In all, 142 slices of pizza were consumed at 36 pizzerias with over 75 pizza guests.

The pizzerias were as follows:

... and I'd like to give a special thanks to my guests who are, individually...(in order of appearance)

Scott Benjamin, LeMar McLean, Louie Pearlman, Ralf Jean-Pierre, Fred Urfer, Robin Rothman Taylor, Lily Rothman, Paul Rothman, Jason Rothman, Jeremy Rothman, Paula Rothman and the other Rothmans, the Shores, Patrick Alexander, Brandon Coyle, Vanessa Fernandez, Shadow Fang, Alexander Wahl, Matt Donnelly, Keeler Donnelly, Mark Lee, Terry Jinn, Alexis Saarela, Risa Harms, Brian Waddell, Shannon Manning, Lance Kushner, Alan Fessenden, Michael McLarnon, Brad Kemp, Ruby Marez, David DeVaughn, Scott Friedstein, Charone Frankel, Gina Annunziato, Shaun Farrugia, Clif Henning, Jen MacNeil Danenberg, Chuck Divak, Alana O'Brien Divak, Lorina Ladrillono, Adam Kuban, Jorelle Aronovich, Alyssa See, Chico Ithier, Cat Alves, Jerry Hoak, Katie Hoak, Taiine Santiago, Cyrus Footman, Helaine Kushner, Eli McCarrel, and the greatest fans on earth, Nithya Venkateswaran, Jesse Scinto, Ginny Humber, Tim Layman, Alex Kornfeld, Josy Conklin, Zoe Dennis, Allie Trimboli, Kevin Danenberg, Brad Stockton, Caitlin Schell, Mark Guinn, Justin McElwee, Rob Penty, Kitzi Taylor, Peter McNerney, Paulie Gee, Scott Wiener, Angela DeManti

Stay tuned to for the reviews and for the announcement of this year's Slicey Award winners!