Sunday, October 31, 2004

Day 31, 2004: Grimaldi's Pizzeria (Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn)

DAY 31: October 31st
LOCATION: Grimaldi's Pizzeria (19 Old Fulton St., BROOKLYN)
GUEST(S): Angela Demanti, Alex Marino, Shannon Manning, Mitch Yashiro, Tiffany Morningstar, Terry Jinn, Rachael Mason, Mark Lee, Tony Carnevale, Petra Boden, Michael Jeffrey Cohen, Maddy Mako, Ptolemy Slocum
ORDER: 1 slice of pepperoni, 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of sausage, 1 slice of mushroom

PIZZA REPORT: Unreal expectations exceeded. I went into Grimaldi's Pizzeria thinking "I'm about to eat the best pizza in the city" and left having done just that. I had one slice of four different pies and every one of them was outstanding. The out-of-the-oven-and-onto-your-table freshness with quality toppings, fresh mozzarella cheese, shredded basil leaves, and superior tomato sauce all on a coal-fired brick oven crust must have done the trick. One would think that perfection would be hard to replicate, but I witnessed it four times at Grimaldi's in one visit. What a perfect way to end a perfect month!

  • Erika Kern embroidered a picture of a slice of pizza then somehow mounted it in a frame and presented it to me on Day 31: October 31st. Erika knows crafts...Thanks, Erika!
  • Mitch Yashiro does a reverse commute everyday (NYC-CT). He also speaks, reads, and translates Japanese.
  • Shannon Manning gave me a free copy of her magazine, Pipe Up!
  • Ptolemy Slocum, Tony Carnevale, Terry Jinn went to play the video game called Halo after we ate. Tony dubbed the event HALO-ween.
  • Maddy Mako, Rachael Mason, Mark Lee and Michael Jeffrey Cohen went home to Broolyn while Tiffany Morningstar, Petra Boden, Angela Demanti and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Despite being Halloween, everything seemed pretty normal...until we tried to take some photos.
  • The final slice. Alex Marino in the process of eating the final slice of Pizza Month '04...

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Day 30, 2004: Posto (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 30: October 30th
LOCATION: Posto (310 2nd Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Justin Purnell, Mark Lee, Jarret Berenstein
ORDER: 2 slices of Margherita, 2 slices of pepperoni with fresh mozzarella

PIZZA REPORT: Saved by the ensemble. The fresh mozzarella was bland, the crust was a bit too crispy, the sauce was not too special, but the sum of these parts made for a great pizza; both in appearance and taste. The Margharita slices had fresh diced tomatoes that really added a great texture to the other toppings. I am not sure what was different about the fresh mozzarella cheese but it was missing something tastewise. The pepperoni was similar in that when the relatively average ingredients were combined, the result exceeded the sum of the parts. I prefer the freshly diced tomatoes on Margherita, but I'd try both of them again if the opportunity presented itself.
  • While we were eating, Jarret Barenstein stopped in to say hello. He was on his way to "a thing" but he stayed long enough for me to snap a photo. 
  • Mark Lee knows more about sports arenas and the years they opened than anyone I know.
  • It being the Saturday on the eve of Halloween, Justin Purnell and I were in costume. Justin Purnell was dressed as "Justin Purnell in 8th grade" and I went as Norwegian speedskater, Johann Olav-Koss...

Friday, October 29, 2004

Day 29, 2004: Otto Enoteca (Greenwich Village, NYC)

DAY 29: October 29th
LOCATION: Otto Enoteca (1 Fifth Avenue, NYC)
GUEST(S): Tara Quinn
ORDER: five slices of an individual margherita with pepperoni, one slice of mushroom

PIZZA REPORT: Ultrathin, ultragood! My pizza was amazing. I was truly impressed with Otto's margherita pizza with pepperoni. It had to be the tomato sauce. It was fresh, spicy, and in the perfect amount. When combined with the ultrathin crust, the buffala fresh mozzarella cheese, and the pepperonis a true masterpiece was formed. I did trade one-sixth of my masterpiece for one-sixth of a mushroom pizza too. The mushroom slice was good and probably even 'great' on any other day, but the bar had been set pretty high at that point so I would have to give the mushroom slice a rating of 'adequate'.
  • Otto is an Enoteca which I found out means "wine bar, store, or combination of both". Otto is a combination of both.
  • Tara does a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira.
  • When taking a photo of my pizza, I nearly lost 1/3 of it to gravity.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Day 28, 2004: Lombardi's Pizzeria (NoLIta, NYC)

DAY 28: October 28th
LOCATION: Lombardi's Pizzeria (32 Spring St., NYC)
GUEST(S): Matt Evans, Dave Thunder, Carl Arnheiter, Tony Carnevale
ORDER: 2 slices of cheese, 2 slices of pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Viva Lombardi's! The oldest pizzeria in America got bigger since pizza month '03, but the pizza they could is from the same sweet coal-fired oven. The pepperoni at Lombardi's is about a half an inch in diameter but packs a taste equal to any other twice its size. After enduring the extensive heat of the coal-fired oven mentioned above, the pepperonis begin to warp upward. I think it has something to do with the moisture around the edges of the pepperoni drying out faster than the center. Whatever the reason the net result is a crispy yet chewy pepperonis. I really like it. The plain cheese slices I had were especially good. I think this was due to the parmesan cheese sprinkled in just the right amount atop the pizza. The crispy crust, fresh tomato sauce, and perfect distribution of toppings established the a utopian society right in my mouth.
  • Dave Thunder has a list of 53 characters he can embody ranging from the Lonely Robot to HemoTep. Somewhere in there is "Jimmy Deluca". Fortunately for everyone attending Variety Underground, Jimmy Deluca made a surprise appearance and proceeded to co-host the entire show then even accompany us to pizza.
  • Tony Carnevale got a hold of Dave Thunder's list and picked at random, the top 53 characters he wanted Dave Thunder to present. Carl Arnheiter, Matt Evans, and I realized that this maybe wasn't the right thing to put Dave through, but were way too entertained to stop it.
  • Carl Arnheiter can travel endlessly on the subway without ever touching a pole, seat or door!
  • Two women sitting near us started giggling then burst into a somewhat obscure song but instead of segueing back into giggling, they just kept singing turning the whole spectacle from entertaining to distracting.
  • Matt Evans and I are going to play ping pong one of these days.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Day 27, 2004: Gonzo (W. Village, NYC)

DAY 27: October 27th
LOCATION: Gonzo (140 W. 13th St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Phil Shane, Julie Brister, Shannon O'Neill
ORDER: Half of individual Margherita, one-fourth of a pumpkin, one-fourth of a Sopressata

PIZZA REPORT: Crispy ellipse-y! Gonzo creates pizzas like no other. These flattened elliptical pizzas are delicious. The thinness of the dough enables the pizza to be cooked very quickly. Our pizza was cooked in no time flat (pun intended). My pizza was initially half margherita and half sopressata but I was able to barter for a slice of pumpkin. I had never heard of pumpkin pizza but what better time to give it a try than pumpkin season? It was good. Not your typical 'pumpkin pie' but maybe it should be. The sopressata pizza had a unique blend of ricotta, romano & bel paese cheese that quickly won my favor. I am still unsure what exactly "sopressata" meat is but I am sure I like it. I also had a portion of the margherita pizza, Gonzo's signature, which was outstanding. The sauce pockets and spices created the perfect consistency with the blended cheeses on the thin grilled crust.
  • After we ate, we rushed outside to see the lunar eclipse (from ellipse to eclipse!). Shannon O'Neill had the perfect brand of gum for such an occasion.
  • We then went up to the roof of Julie Brister and Phil Shane's apartment building to get a better view of the heavenly event. It was the best view of Manhattan I have ever seen. Sadly, cloud cover prevented us from seeing the moon. Shannon gave us the next best thing though creating a perfect lunar eclipse simulation with nothing more than a quarter.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Day 26, 2004: Park Pizza (Flatiron, NYC)

DAY 26: October 26th
LOCATION: Park Pizza (Park Ave South at 24th St., NYC)
GUEST(S): Andrew Butterworth
ORDER: 2 slices of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Rushin' Roulette - Park Pizza does a brisk business, particularly during lunch. These guys churn out pizza at such a rapid pace; there is no time for precise placement of toppings and uniformity around the crust perimeter. I got two slices of cheese presumably from the same large pie but looked very little alike. It is sort of like roulette in that looking around I noticed some people got perfect looking slices. I didn't. Not that it mattered though. Thanks to quality ingredients, they all taste pretty good. One of my slices had red edges (red sauce stains out on the crust beyond the cheese line) and a bubble in the middle while the other had substantially more cheese on it. By the end though, they probably looked pretty similar all chewed up in my stomach.
  • Andy Butterworth is teaching himself the piano. He's also my roommate so sometimes he'll be practicing and it sounds so good that I swear someone left a piano cd on.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Day 25, 2004: East Village Pizza & Kababs (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 25: October 25th
LOCATION: East Village Pizza & Kebabs (145 First Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Zohar Adner, Todd Simmons
ORDER: 1 slice of Lasgna Pizza, 1 slice of Cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Good-on-ya, Lasagna! Who knew that lasagna on pizza would be so good? The answer is East Village Pizza & Kebabs. Despite lasgna and pizza being two distinct Italian entrees, the combination of the two is very near the sum of the parts. I will say that the slice was more pizza than lasagna though - afterall, the slice had no 'lasagna' noodles on it. But, the ricotta cheese, tomato sauce patches, basil, pepper, and perhaps some other spices really enhanced the typical conventional oven slice. The cheese slice was a quality specimen as well. All the cheese and sauce was well distributed out to the edges of the crispy crust. It was shiny but well worth the oil intake.
  • I was regrettably late for lunch but my guests, Zohar Adner and Todd Simmons, took advantage of my tardiness by getting to know each other. Turns out they're neighbors and both know people that were victimized by theifs.
  • If you haven't been dating for too long, don't give your significant other a trip to sets the bar too high for future gifts.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Day 24, 2004: Sal's Pizzeria (Cobble Hill, Brooklyn)

DAY 24: October 24th
LOCATION: Sal's Pizzeria (305 Court St, BROOKLYN)
GUEST(S): Michael Jeffrey Cohen, Rachael Mason, Erika Kern, Tony Carnevale, Maddy Mako
ORDER: 1 slice of white, 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: White on! The white slice I ate was outstanding. The little bits of spinach mixed masterfully in the cheese with a hint of garlic...all on a brick oven baked crust. The cheese slice was orange, so next to the white slice (with green spinach), I had all the colors of the Irish flag. Obviously, in order to be that orange, the cheese slice must have been made with a different type of cheese than the white but I still liked it. I like the cheese slice and loved the white slice. At first I was wondering why they would cook the slices in a brick oven then reheat them as needed in a conventional oven. Then I think I figured it out. Brick oven pizza makes each slice more flavorful and more sturdy. However, since a brick oven cooks the crust at such a high temperature, a slice cannot endure another brick oven cook cycle.
  • Despite the fact there were 4 ovens in the pizza place (1 brick, 3 conventional), the weather conditions in the seating area were the same as outside...meaning it was COLD. But don't get me wrong, Sal's does have the customers' best interest in mind. If you don't believe me, just look at the sign Rachael Mason noticed on the bathroom door: 

    "Bathroom is for Customers Only! Ask for Key. $5.00 Charge for Non-Customers. No Exceptions. Please don't ask." So, to clarify, you can still use the restroom even if you are a non-customer, it's just going to cost you the price of two slices and a coke.
  • Tony Carnevale performed at a SciFi convention this past year that he attended 10 years ago. He observed the same stuff one usually finds at such a convention with one exception. In addition to the trekkies, Star Wars fanatics and comic book crowd there were also people that 'like to dress up as furry stuffed animals and have sex'. None of the other convention folk seemed to mind (or even notice) leading Tony to conclude that sometime in the last 10 years, the SciFi community has accepted and embraced the furries.
  • After eating pizza, Maddy Mako, Erika Kern, Michael Jeffrey Cohen, Tony Carnevale and I went to visit Chris Schneider and his new baby boy, Tucker. Here's a photo of the two of them.

    (L to R: Tucker, Chris)

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Day 23, 2004: Sac's Pizza Place (Astoria, Queens)

DAY 23: October 23rd
LOCATION: Sac's Pizza Place (25-41 Broadway, QUEENS)
GUEST(S): Sylvija Ozols, Linda Fessenden, Mica Scalin, Eliza Skinner, Alan Fessenden
ORDER: 4* slices of Pepperoni, 1 Sicilian slice of mushroom

PIZZA REPORT: Queens Coal-fired up! As far as I know, this is the only place to get coal-fired pizza in Queens. It's worth the trip. The coal-fired brick oven crust with just the right amount of sauce on my pepperoni slices was so good. And the Sicilian pizza was huge! It was almost the size of Siciliy (or at least a big map of Sicily). It was cut up into 16 slices and each one of those was gigantic. Can something be gigantic and taste good? Yes. The abundant cheese and the doughy crust were very filling so, in the interest of overall slice quantity desired (OSQD), I just had one Sicilian slice.
  • In like a minute, Eliza Skinner can give herself a professional looking French braid.
  • Mica Scalin has a cable access show called "I Eat NY" and she said she may mention my pursuit for 31 days of pizza in her next show. Stay tuned to this I EAT NY websitefor upcoming airtimes.
  • A recently clean-shaven Alan Fessenden (see DAY 2: OCTOBER 2nd) blocked his sister's view when he was making a crude gesture. He could have chosen to pass up the opportunity to make the crude gesture but some crude gestures are just too crude not to do.
  • Sometimes you hang out with someone and you're not sure it was a date or not, Sylvija Ozols knows the difference.
  • Linda Fessenden can notice a .5" stray thread on a blue polo shirt from across a dim lighting!
  • * I was advised to take the leftover pizza home even though I did not think I would eat any of it. I did though. I had a fifth slice of pepperoni.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Day 22, 2004: Pie (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 22: October 22nd
LOCATION: Pie (124 Fourth Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Dyna Moe, Kirk Damato, Violet Krumbein, Bill Buckendorf
ORDER: 3"x 8" fresh mozzarella, 4"x8" diced tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella

PIZZA REPORT: Pizza by the pound. You walk in and have several choices of pizzas the size and shape of snowboards. You tell them how much of the snowboard you want, they cut it, then weigh it, and you pay for it, and you eat it. Everyone of the pizzas looks fresh and inviting. Because of a recent cheese crush, the slices I had all contained fresh mozzarella. The 3"x8" (don't know how much it weighed) had the fresh mozzarella spread out evenly over the entire section whereas the 4"x8" tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella had chunks of the cheese scattered throughout. The diced tomatoes took the place of sauce on the latter slice and although I love tomato sauce, they were a welcome change in consistency. The diced tomatoes were also more filling but both were so good I bet on an empty stomach, I could have eaten an entire snowboard of either one.
  • Since today marked the end of the run of the show NeoTokyo GirlCrush 2040, this pizza day was one of reflection. As a matter of fact, Dyna Moe (the show's creator), Kirk Damato, Violet Krumbein, Bill Buckendorf and I were celebrating the fact that we all had perfect attendance during the entire 5 month run of the show at the UCB Theatre.
  • Dyna Moe gave the entire cast gifts after the final show. Here she and I are (in costume) with the Pizza flavored Pocky she gave me after the show:
  • It seems like the people most afraid or nervous about driving have the cleanest driving records.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Day 21, 2004: Three of Cups (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 21: October 21st
LOCATION: Three of Cups (83 1st Ave at 5th St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Gavin Speiller, Suzi Pierce, Bob Acevedo, Matt Pack, Will Hines, Tony Carnevale, Kevin Hines
ORDER: 4 slices of Margharita

PIZZA REPORT: Basiltown! There was a lot of basil on the entire pizza but not too much to overpower the overall taste. This is due to the combined forces of the crispy wood burning brick oven crust, the flavorful tomato sauce, and the fresh mozzarella cheese. I especially enjoyed the tomato sauce. It had a thicker-than-usual consistency and several spices within the sauce were visible...until I ate it.
  • Bob Acevedo does a great EZE impression.
  • I asked Suzi Pierce if she was related to Franklin Pierce mainly to impress her (and Will Hines) with my knowledge of former presidents. While I was gently blowing on my fingernails preparing to scoff then explain who Franklin Pierce was, she responded, "Yes, I am. I am also related to the current president since Barbara Bush is also a Pierce." I guess she had heard of Franklin Pierce.
  • Gavin Speiller, Matt Pack, Will Hines, Kevin Hines performed in an improv group called I.L.G.S at Variety Underground tonight. The only people that know what it stands for Love Gavin Speiller and good improv.
  • Tony Carnevale got a haircut not too long ago. He had it covered with a hat most of the meal but Bob eventually got a hold of it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Day 20, 2004: Bravo Pizza (Flatiron, NYC)

DAY 20: October 20th
LOCATION: Bravo Pizza (257 Park Ave South, NYC)
GUEST(S): Andrew Butterworth
ORDER: 1 slice of fresh mozzarella Neopolitan style, 1 slice of fresh mozzarella Sicilian style

PIZZA REPORT: Naples beats Sicily, but the mozzarella cheese tops them both (in more ways than one). I think the temperature of the slices gave the Neopolitan (triangular) slice the edge over the Sicilian (rectangular) slice. I understand that the doughy consistency is implied with a Sicilian slice but so should an increased cook (or re-cook) time. Since it wasn't fully reheated, I sort of had the feeling I was eating a warm sponge. Sure it was a warm sponge topped with delicious fresh mozzarella cheese, but a warm sponge nonetheless. The sauce was well applied on both slices and the crust was pretty consistent throughout so really the only drawback of these conventional oven slices was the temperature - and that may have been because I chose two different styles. I'll test that theory when I go back.
  • The decor of this Bravo Pizza place was in a word, "Yankee". From the pennants, to the posters, to the full-size body cut outs of Jeter and Giambi, this place was screaming "Yankees". They even had a TV playing a sports station on discussing what Andy Butterworth and I assumed was Yankee stadium. Since the sound was off and Andy is a Red Sox fan, it was easy to tune it out and just enjoy our pizza but all of a sudden they cut to a shot of the stadium being blown up. Imagine that! Yankee stadium being blown up and all we could think about was "Wow, does this mean game 7 [of the ALCS] will be played in Boston?" Turns out it was footage of Veteran's stadium being blown up in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Day 19, 2004: Cavaleri Pizza Market (Flushing, Queens)

DAY 19: October 19th
LOCATION: Cavaleri Pizza Market (41-27 162nd St., QUEENS)
GUEST(S): Erik Marcisak
ORDER: half of a 12" buffalo chicken pizza

PIZZA REPORT: 2 worlds merge when pizza and spicy chicken unite. This pizza was made with mozzarella, spicy tomato sauce, chunks of marinated chicken breast, and blue cheese. The thick crust provided the perfect foundation for such a creation. I have had chicken on a pizza before but in my experience, the oven tends to cook the taste out of it. Not so for Cavaleri Pizza Market. Here the spicy sauce and the marinade were expertly cut by the addition of blue cheese to bring out the taste of the chicken without overpowering the pizza taste. A good marriage of two of my favorite foods.
  • Erik Marcisak drove me out to distant Queens (Flushing) to take me to this place where his highschool friend works. Turns out his friends name is Cavaleri - and it's not a coincidence. He's a part owner.
  • Erik had a sugar cane soda with his pizza. He did not do it for the caffeine though - he just likes to try sodas he has never had before.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Day 18, 2004: Famous Original Ray's Pizza (Kips Bay, NYC)

DAY 18: October 18th
LOCATION: Famous Original Ray's Pizza (26th st and Lexington, NYC)
GUEST(S): Matt Pack
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Famous Original Ray's Pizza was created in 1964. The slice of pizza I ate may also have been from 1964. It was old and cold before it went back in the oven. The oven was able to bring out the orange color, a bunch of grease, and some crust brittleness. The tomato sauce was this slice's only redeeming quality and, perhaps, the single factor that enabled me to finish the entire slice. I have decided that if you work late and arrive right before closing, the chances of getting a slice from a new pizza are very slim.
  • How close to closing did we arrive? Well, right after I grabbed a slice Matt and I took a no-look photo of us outside of Ray's. I noticed that I cut off like half of my head so I went to take another one and that's when the lights went out.
  • Matt Pack and I were tentatively going to meet around 8pm. He said "Just call me when you finish work. I'll be studying until then." Thanks to my boss, Matt Pack studied for an additional 3+ hours.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Day 17, 2004: Li"l Frankie's (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 17: October 17th
LOCATION: Lil' Frankies (19 1st Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Nate Shelkey, Eliza Skinner, Kitzi Taylor
ORDER: 5 slices of an individual Salemi Piccante pizza (out of 6)

PIZZA REPORT: Important Import. The fresh mozzarella buffalo cheese (Mozzarella Di Buffala) is imported from Italy everyday at Lil' Frankies. Mozzarella Di Buffala truly makes this pizza. I noticed that the Margharita pizza my mom ordered did not appear to have the same cheese as my Salemi Piccante. Too bad for her, too good for me. The cheese is so 'import'ant to the pizza that I recommend asking if the pizza you want to order contains the Mozzarella Di Buffala. You won't be sorry. The combination of the spicy meat, imported cheese, and Italian tomato sauce on the thin wood-burning oven crust was superb. It was like a delicious festival (Festivale Di Delicious?) for my mouth.
  • A woman with a dog offered to take our photo. When I handed her the camera, she handed me the leash to her dog. Before the photo was taken, someone walking by asked me "How old is [the dog]?" New Yorkers rarely open up and speak to me and yet this person did in a matter of seconds! Dogs equal instant talking topics. The woman with the camera chimed in with the answer but I forgot what she said. Judging by the photo, I'd say the dog is around 11 months old.
  • Nate Shelkey and Eliza Skinner went to college together. Well, they went to the same school but Nate was older.
  • Eliza Skinner's sister's wedding announcement to Mr. Weiner was featured on the 'Headlines' segment of THE TONIGHT SHOW. I don't know if was Weiner-Skinner or Skinner-Weiner but either way, it's pretty funny.
  • My mom, Kitzi Taylor, visits me about once a year in New York City. This visit marks the 3rd year in a row her visit has coincided Pizza Month. She's a good sport about always having to eat pizza and hang out with my friends. It was inevitable she would mention something about my past to my friends. This year it wasn't so bad though. My mom told my friends about when one of the neighborhood kids bagged/pants me when I was 5 years old. Apparently, I told on him by running home and saying "Mom...Tim showed my bum".

Friday, October 15, 2004

Day 16, 2004: La Pizza Fresca (Flatiron, NYC)

DAY 16: October 16th
LOCATION: La Pizza Fresca (31 East 20th Street, NYC)
GUEST(S): Terry Jinn, Maddy Mako, Jen MacNeil, Tiffany Morningstar,
Louie Pearlman, Matt Pack, Millie Cho, Kitzi Taylor, Tony Carnevale
ORDER: Half of an individual Salemi Piccante, half of an individual "La Pizza Fresca"

PIZZA REPORT: Pizza with style...and moisture. Both of my pizzas were delicious and both of my pizzas were wet. "Wet" is not a typical adjective used to describe things I like but my limited vocabulary has made it necessary. I am not sure this is due to wet ingredients, condensation, or someone spilling water on the pizzas but I am confident it was not grease. This much grease would not have been good. This pizza was awesome! The moisture made the crust more flexible and kept the toppings "fresca" (Italian for "fresh"). I also really enjoyed the spicy meat toppings on the Salemi Piccante pizza. It went really well with the cheese and the wood charred oven crust.
  • This was the second anniversary of the crossover of two online journals: the original 31 days of pizza journal and Terry Jinn's Beverage of the Day journal. It was a total success as pizza was eaten and beverages were drunk. Here Terry is with his beverage of the day, a Cherry Coke.
  • My mom, Kitzi Taylor, is a big Maddy Mako fan...and she didn't even sit by her during dinner. I'll bet Maddy reminds my mom of herself when she was younger.
  • Jen MacNeil had to leave early but not before she got literally picked up by Matt Pack. I snapped a photo of this event. 
  • Tiffany Morningstar had to leave early to get to a show and may have left her umbrella at La Pizza Fresca. It was hanging on her chair when I got up to leave so now I will use it indefinitely. It’s a good umbrella but doesn’t deal with wind well.
  • I wore my Mets shirt that says "Let's Go Mets" in Hebrew. In a table of 10 people, two knew enough Hebrew to translate the shirt. According to Louie Pearlman and Millie Cho, the shirt actually reads "Letsum Gho Metsum!"
  • Tony Carnevale bought new headphones and really likes them.