Saturday, October 29, 2022

Day 25, 2022: Louie's Pizzeria and Restaurant (Elmhurst, Queens)




DAY 25: OCTOBER 25th, 2022 

LOCATION: Louie's Pizzeria and Restaurant (8134 Baxter Ave #1, Queens, NY 11373)

GUEST(S): Lorina Ladrillono

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of grandma

Queens-tessential New York slice. Louie’s Pizzeria and Restaurant has been serving Elmhurst, Queens quintessential New York style pizza since 2009 and, hopefully, always will. Expect a glass counter full of  round and square pies, a man slinging dough, and likely another tending the register. After a quick dip back into the gas powered deck oven, your slices melted mozzarella and savory tomato sauce will travel with you to your clear plastic covered table in the no-frills dining area or to any other destination. Despite their extra large size, they won’t last long. If mine were indicator, these New York slices disappear in a New York minute. Pair it with a soda and a garlic knot and you got yourself a comforting New York meal. Please, Louie’s, don’t ever change.


slice of grandma


Cheese pie

slice of cheese

underside of cheese slice

Day 25



Sean Taylor and Lorina Ladrillono

1. On top of being a mom, Lorina Ladrillono is working and a full-time student...and still makes time to meet me for pizza!

Lorina bearing gifts

2. Lorina never shows up to a Pizza Month date empty handed. This year she got me a Pizza To-do list, some pizza slice bookmarks, and a pizza air pod carrying case with air pods!  Thanks!

3. Louie's Pizzeria was recently the site of a heroic good samaritan (link to news story). While a woman was being assaulted out on the street in front of the pizzeria, the owner (and his son) jumped into action subduing two of the three assailants until the authorities arrived. They and the initial victim were hospitalized with injuries but thankfully, all have survived. What an amazing act of true heroism! 



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