Sunday, October 20, 2019

Day 17,2019: Uncle Tony's (Hamilton Heights, NYC)



DAY 17: OCTOBER 17th, 2019

LOCATION: Uncle Tony's (1596 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031)

GUEST(S): Erik Tanouye

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, half a slice of grandma

Slice in the Heights. Thanks to Uncle Tony’s, residents of Hamilton Heights and students at City College don’t have to wander far to find a good slice. Finding a seat in the cozy dining area is a different story. Uncle Tony’s is designed as a grab-and-go New York Street slice joint. If you have time to dine (or need to use the bathroom) go next door to the wood-fired sit down Italian restaurant called Fumo. Both have the same owners and churn out quality pizza on opposite ends of the ambiance spectrum. Uncle Tony’s offers patrons a number of signature by-the-slice gas-powered oven options as well as great renditions of quintessential New York street slices. I recommend the Sicilian square. Its thick-yet-chewy crust is proofed 48 hours before being topped with organic tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil and mozzarella cheese. If you love ‘roni cups, ask for a “Bakers” slice for the pepperoni version of the Sicilian. Whatever you choose, you will leave satisfied. If you happen to live in the vicinity, Uncle Tony’s might just be your new favorite local slice joint.




Exposed brick and menu


Day 17


1. Diana Matuszak escorts art installations across the world.  For real.

Robin Rothman, Sean Taylor, Erik Tanouye, Diana Matuszak

2. Erik Tanouye and Diana Matuszak were recently married in upstate New York.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun time...and there was pizza!!!


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