Monday, October 1, 2007

Day 1, 2007: Famiglia (Midtown, NYC)

LOCATION: Famiglia (50th Street and Broadway, NYC)
GUEST(S): Kevin Hines
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese
PIZZA REPORT: The quintessential New York street slice.  This slice favors a sauce lover since the sauce is used generously and filled with spices that tickle your sweet and savory taste buds.  Be ready to dab the orange oil off the top of the orange shredded mozzarella cheese or perhaps fold it in half and funnel it onto your plate.  That's what I did...and I liked it!
ATMOSPHERE: Clean, open, and glassy.  Glassy because of the large full length glass windows that completely surround the pizza joint.  It's conveniently located next to several subway stations just north of Times Square.  The service is quick and efficient (perhaps at the expense of small talk) to accommodate the lunch rushes which would be wise to avoid.  
VERDICT: 3 out of 5 
1. You can clearly see the plaque erected in honor of pizza month on the wall behind Kevin Hines at Famiglia. The handwriting is very similar to that of Kevin's but he never admitted putting it up there.
2. This is the first day of pizza month '07.

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